Swimming Pool Cover Advantages

There are many advantages to installing a cover over your families swimming pool, or I should say more accurately that there are many disadvantages to not covering your pool. Besides the obvious asthetic reasons, pool covers can improve safety, lower heating costs, protect against debris and much more.

Swimming Pool CoverContrary to popular belief, pool covers aren’t just for winterizing your families favorite summertime recreation area. Even during warmer periods, and especially in between, a quality pool cover can help to keep the water warm – by being made with heat absorbing material or to keep the heated water warm throughout the night. If you heat your pool’s water with propane, solar power or electricity – I don’t have to tell you how much money you could save by covering your pool while not in use.

As for safety, hard-top covers can serve as a back-up or replacement for a fenced in pool system. While we, of course, recommend safety fence around any and all pool enclosures – you can never be too careful with your children. While typical vinyl pool covers work well to insulate and trap heat, it doesn’t offer any protection against accidental falls into the swimming area – in fact it’s possible to get tangled in the flimsy plastic that some inferior covers are made of.

Another added benefit of covering your pool, during winter or summer, is protection from the elements. We’re not talking about wind or rain, but leaves and debris. You’ve probably got your automatic pool cleaner, vaccum or sweep working full time to keep the bottom clean. By keeping it covered, you can really save yourself from the work involved after a downpour or a storm. I can’t count the number of times last summer I would have cursed myself for not keeping a cover over our families swimming pool.

You’ll find a list of articles about the many different types and applications of swimming pool covers in the navigational menu on the side of our website. The information will explain the benefits of each type, along with some basic information for making the best decision. In almost all cases, the time and money saved (especially if you heat your pool) will pay for itself in just one swimming season. So, with all these benefits, why isn’t your pool covered?