Above Ground Swimming Pool Cover

Just because you don’t have an in-ground pool doesn’t mean you can’t benefit from an above ground swimming pool cover. In fact, many of the benefits of covering your pool are the same. Plus, there are added benefits for covering up -especially if you have an above ground pool.

Above Ground Swimming Pool CoverWhile you may not need the security of a hard cover, as with an in-ground, you’ll still want to ensure your pool is well protected while not in use. Whether you have the popular 18′ to 21′ round swimming pool, or a 15′ x 30′ oval pool or even larger – finding a cover that fits well and protects from damage during the harshest winter months and storms is actually quite easy. There are many manufacturers selling everyting from economy to heavy duty, with deep discounts during the colder seasons while still offering warranties as long as 10-15 years in most cases.

Not all above ground covers are created equal, however. If you want a durable pool cover that will last many seasons, be sure that it’s uv inhibited and made of a thick, weather resistant vinyl material. Double stitching or better is preferred, especially if you’re going to be putting it up and taking it down often. Consider a skirted pool cover if you live in especially windy or harsh conditions, and most importantly make sure you purchase the right size cover. If it doesn’t fit perfectly then it probably won’t protect as good or last as long.

Did you know you can also find solar, or heat absorbing pool covers for your above ground? While not usually as durable as thick, dark vinyl – they do a great job keeping the water warm even when the sun goes down or it’s cold outside. It’s also a great alternative to costly propane and electric pool heaters, and a great way to go “green.”