Automatic Swimming Pool Cover

The ultimate in convenience, automatic swimming pool covers make keeping your pool covered a breeze. While they’re often more expensive than manual or semi-automatic covers, the task of closing (or covering) much easier and more convenient. Before you take the plunge, and decide to buy an automatic version, you should probably consider a few of the advantages and disadvantages in comparison to the other types available.

Infinity Pool CoverThe more common type of automatic covers use a reel based system driven by an electric motor and powered by a rechargeable battery. You can find electrical powered covers as well, but this is usually not something to consider once the concrete has already been poured or you have an existing swimming pool that you want to be automatically retractable. As you engage the cover, the wheels roll over the outside edges of the pool to cover it.

Semi-Automatic Swimming Pool Covers

For a less expensive alternative, many manufacturers produce semi-automatic covers. As opposed to using a battery or electricity powered motor, the cover is opened and retracted using a drill. While this is not as convenient as flipping a switch, it does save money which may be worth the trade-off.

If your automatic, or semi-automatic swimming pool cover does indeed use reels as opposed to more permanent tracks, you might have issues during storms and high wind situations. If you’re expecting a storm you’ll probably need to brace the wheels with something heavy, such as a brick. This makes reel-based systems a bit more inconvenient to operate, but still they’re much easier to install. Yet another trade-off.

Quality Is Important

Some of the more popular companies and brands of automatic pool covers include Coverstar, Aquamatic, Infinity and PowerTrak. Of course there are many more available, but those are known for producing quality equipment that will last years longer than some of their competition. Not to say you shouldn’t consider other brands, only to say that it’s important to choose a quality pool cover if you want it to last.