Custom Swimming Pool Covers

There are some swimming pools – which are built with an unusual design. They might be smaller, large, or just in an unusual shape that is different from most other types of pools. With something like this it can be hard to find a pool cover that will fit perfectly. Most of us do not want to forget about trying to purchase a cover because it is what keeps it clean and helps to protect any children that we have.

Even though you might not be able to find the standard swimming pool covers that can be purchased easily online or at your local pool store does not mean that there are no other options for you. The next best thing that you can do is to purchase a custom swimming pool cover.

Most pool stores – both in your local area and online – will be able to provide you with a special measuring guide. You can use this guide to help determine the size cover that you need to use it safely. The majority of stores will be able to provide these types of covers for both inground and above ground swimming pools.

Even though it is custom there are rules and regulations that consumers and pool manufacturers must abide by. When ordering a custom cover you need to make sure that it meets the American Society for Testing and Materials.

Swimming Pool Cover Requirements

  • The cover must be made as mesh or solid
  • Both of these types of covers must be held down tightly to the deck using straps that are able to pull the cover down tightly over the pool
  • The straps should be attached to stainless steel spring and use recessed brackets in a deck surface to hold it down.
  • When the cover is not over the pool the deck brackets must be even with the deck so that no one trips or hurts their toes on it.