Inground Swimming Pool Cover

There are many reasons to cover your inground swimming pool. Safety concerns come to mind, even if you’re swimming area is fenced in you can never be too careful. Leaves and debris can be annoying, as can letting out all the heat you’ve been warming with a costly¬†pool heater. Regardless the reason, if you’re pool isn’t currently being covered, it probably should be.

If you’re biggest concern is safety, you should consider safety cover. Did you know, according to the Consumer Product Safety Commission, that drowning is the second leading cause of death for children under the age of fourteen years old? Safety pool covers are commonly available made of mesh or a solid, hard material. Both types are anchored to a deck with straps that keep the cover tight over the¬†water area.

Mesh Safety Pool Covers

Pool CoverIn most cases, mesh safety pool covers are considered the best solution for keeping the pool covered. Mesh covers are designed for using over the winter and require little to no maintenance. Leaves and debris that fall on the cover are simply blown away, and any rainwater or snow will drain through the mesh panels. As for weight, as you can see from the picture most are rated to hold several hundred pounds safely. Though, as a precaution, I wouldn’t recommend coaching your pet elephant onto the pool cover for kicks and giggles.

Solid Safety Pool Covers

Rather than using a porous material, solid safety pool covers are made of hard plastic. I’m personally not a fan of this type of cover, as they’re often prone to sagging or retaining water puddles during heavy rain or snow which may lead to failure or shallow water which may be dangerous for children and small animals. This is such a common problem, in fact, that cover pumps are often used to keep standing water off the surface. Some designs incorporate drainage holes in the design, though doing so may affect the strength of the structure. A dome cover can be attractive, but bulky and cumbersome to store during the summer. So, in most cases, I’ll recommend a mesh pool cover.