Leaf Swimming Pool Cover

It is great to have a swimming pool that we are able to cool off in and enjoy during the summer months. When we move into a home that has a pool we think of all the advantages that we are receiving. But we never stop to think about all of the upkeep that it requires.

Cleaning a pool is easy – but having to do it on a constant basis can be downright annoying for many of us. Anyone who has trees that surround their backyard and hover over their pool know that the worst thing they have to deal with our the leaves that fall down during the summer and fall months.

It seems that every time we try to swim they are inside of the pool and getting caught in the swimming pool filters. You can always scoop them out with a pool net every time you try to swim or you can keep them from getting into your pool using a swimming pool net cover.

You can use these when you are on vacation and during the fall months to keep the leaves from piling up inside of it when you are not using it. You can also use it during the summer and easily remove it each time that you want to swim so you are not cleaning it all the time.

This cover is made with mesh traps and durable polyurethane that will grab hold of the leaves and keep them from entering into the pool. It is designed to lay flat over the swimming pool cover that you are using during the winter months.

You will be able to purchase these leaf net covers for both inground and above ground swimming pools. You just have to be able to find the right type that will fit well over both the surface of the pool as well as the winter pool cover.