Safety Net Pool Cover

When finding the right swimming pool cover most of us will try to choose something that is safe, easy to use, and affordable. Most times though it is hard to find all of those qualities in one single product. So instead we must make do with one or two qualities and are forced to sacrifice the other.

During the decision making process there is usually one thing in the front of our minds when we are parents – safety. Having a pool is great and fun for children – but they are smart and they might find their way outside and in the pool without you knowing where they are. The only way to safeguard this is to purchase a cover that will protect them.

There are a few different types of covers that are specially created for homes that have children. One of the best is the safety net cover. This is a unique cover that many parents use because of its unique feature to keep toddlers and infants from getting into the pool. It is able to lay over the surface of the pool and offers a barrier that is secure and highly effective.

The safety net looks like a net that is used for tennis – which lays across any open area of water to prevent the child from getting into it. The squares are much too small for them to be able to fit their body or even head through. They are also too big for them to be able to walk or jump over the pool. Yet, when you use the right safety net your child will be safe if they do try to crawl over them.

These safety net pool covers are some of the easiest to use and can be taken on and off within a few minutes. You use a number of pullets that are built into the middle of the safety net. Loosen the pulley rope in order to release the tension and remove the net. Unhook the clips and slowly roll it in and on to the portable roller. To put it back on you will just have to do the opposite of this.