Solar Swimming Pool Cover

Considered the cheapest covers, a solar swimming pool cover is the handiest of all pool covers that you can get. Just as light as a blanket, this cover is much like that of a bubble wrap.

Advantages Of A Solar Swimming Pool Cover

  • Warm temperature regulator – during day time it helps warm air to settle in the cover to heat up the entire swimming pool and at night time it also traps the warm air from the pool and reduce the coldness for the outside of the pool.
  • No cover installation needed. You are free from any installation hassle with this solar swimming pool cover. There are no springs or any metal to hold the cover. You just simply spread it around your swimming pool just like placing a blanket in a bed.
  • This cover floats in the water freely. As light as it is, this cover can float in your swimming pool lightly so you can just lay it out flat covering the entire dimensions of the swimming pool.

Disadvantages Of A Solar Swimming Pool Cover

  • Unreliable for strong winds – since there are no attached steel holders and with its very light material, possibilities are they will easily move on a strong wind. This is also not advisable to cover your pool for heavy rains and snow.
  • Heavy. Folding this heavy wet cover is very exhausting. You need to have someone to help you along the elimination process.
    Not safe for toddlers – since they are just laid with no grips, they can be move by anyone even with your kids.
  • Although there are some fragments and leaves that will be caught by the solar cover, germs from the rain or storm may enter the pool.

Solar covers are also great for resorts with swimming pools. With the busy schedules and daily activities of the resort, solar covers are just easy to put in and remove. To sum it up, solar swimming pool cover is best advised to use on warm season like summer. During the rainy and windy seasons, choose other covers that are thicker and those that can be strongly attached on the ground like the mesh covers. For that warm summer ahead, choose solar covers for your swimming pool.