Swimming Pool Cover Pump

If you’s using a solid pool cover, then you’ll probably need a swimming pool cover pump to keep standing water off it’s surface during wet weather. This includes both the above ground and in ground pools, as rain and snow will likely accumulate and form puddles without it.

While this is an optional piece of equipment, most solid pool covers don’t have the breathable mesh material to absorb water that would otherwise accumulate on the surface. This water will eventually grow into a puddle that will sink in the middle of the pool, leading to a potentially dangerous shallow water area for children and small pets. The solution is to pump it out!

Pool Cover Pumps

Automatic Pool Cover PumpThese little pool pumps are quite versatile, even useable for pumping water out of a basement. Nevertheless, they’re extremely useful for getting rid of and keeping water off of your pool cover. Ranging from fairly inexpensive cheap models to several hundred dollars for automatic pumps that trigger when it senses water beginning to puddle, this is a must have if you’re going to keep your pool covered for a long period of time. Especially useful are the automatic pool cover pumps, even more so if you’ll be away from home during the winter season.

The maintenance isn’t any different than what you already do for your cover, namely keeping dirt and debris off the cover and away from the cover pump. Some pumps don’t hold up well in extreme weather, and no pumps like to be frozen so keep that in mind as well. Setup is usually straight foward, in most cases instructions aren’t even needed (though they should be included of course). Ultimately, to extend the life of your pool cover and improve safety around inground pools, keep the water pumped off of it’s surface.