Winter Swimming Pool Cover

A winter swimming pool cover can keep your pool safe and sound during the cold months. Not only that, it can also slow down the formation of the algae that appears as soon as the weather starts to warm before the pool is opened. One problem you can have with a winter pool cover is that when it is improperly installed, it can be destroyed much sooner than it should. This means you’ll have to spend money for a replacement; all because the pool cover wasn’t put on the right way.

The right time to cover the pool is when the water has been drained to the correct level, and chemicals for anti-freezing and for winter have been added. The following are instructions on how to properly install a winter pool cover:

How To Install A Winter Swimming Pool Cover

  1. Place the cover over the pool and make sure that the overlapping parts of the cover are even all around.
  2. Secure it in its position using the screws and other securing hardware.
  3. Form the pool cover to the pool sides, do this around the whole perimeter. This is so that the cover rests above the pool water both for support and for it to be against the pool sides, preventing wind from reaching underneath.
  4. Once the cover is where it’s supposed to be, use the garden hose to put water on top of the cover up to about an inch. This is to hold it down.
  5. If your pool is above-ground, tighten the cable as much as you can and get it under the topmost rail. If you have an in-ground pool, put water in the water bags or water blocks until they are around two-thirds full.

That’s it! Those are the simple steps you need to take in order to install your winter swimming pool cover properly. Follow them, and your pool will be all set for the winter season! If you haven’t bought a cover yet, you should choose one with a bigger overlap; four feet overlap is better than the standard three-feet. This will help your pool cover resist the wind, which is the cause of its being destroyed. Being careful to take the correct measures will keep you from having to buy another winter swimming pool cover; thus, saving you money. Don’t wait until your pool cover is destroyed before you decide to take care in installing it. What are you waiting for? Time to get started!